How a Famous Parapsychologist Is Connected With the Technology of a Machine Laser in Dallas

Russell Targ seems to be best known for writing numerous books about psychic phenomena and supporting the concept of extrasensory perception, topics about which many people are skeptical. Targ has an impressive hard science background, however, giving him more credibility than some who pursue work in this field. When someone can avoid manual machine alignment and instead have the work done with a machine laser in Dallas, this person has Targ to thank in part. This man was instrumental in the early development of the laser.

Russell Targ and Lasers

Targ’s academic background is in physics. He developed certain types of laser systems while working for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company as a senior staff scientist. An example is a laser that identifies the presence of air turbulence. Lasers in manufacturing are commonly used for purposes like cutting, etching and engraving. An alignment Machine Laser in Dallas allows equipment to be calibrated quickly and with remarkable accuracy.

Laser Alignment

Having alignment service provided by a company such as Laser Precision makes a huge difference in the speed at which calibration work can be accomplished. Many manufacturing plants delay calibration if they must do the task manually since that is so time-consuming. They simply cannot manage that much downtime for maintenance. Get more information on this particular organization at the website.

No Longer Science Fiction

How did someone with so much experience in hard science become interested in parapsychology? Targ says he had been intrigued by magicians since he was a child and also became interested in the possibility of real magic as opposed to trickery. As an adult, he co-founded the Stanford Research Institute, which has extensively studied ESP. It goes to show that studying physics and working with lasers is not mutually exclusive with a strong interest in the paranormal.

In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that using lasers to calibrate machinery would have been considered paranormal and part of a fantasy world. The first laser was not built until 1960. Before then, most people probably figured that using an intense beam of light in this manner would always be science fiction.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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