Testing for Quality European Motor Oil

A European motor oil supplier in Florida should be providing customers with European motor oils that have already undergone a battery of quality testing. The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) sets the specifications that lubricant manufacturers must meet for the leading truck, van and car makers. The ACEA Oil Sequences document defines engine lubricant quality and details the tests used to measure performance parameters.

Quality European Motor Oil

The standard and testing governing products supplied by a European motor oil supplier in Florida are also influenced by ATIEL, the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System and the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe. The ACEA oil sequences are updated and designed to conduct laboratory testing that accounts for the indicators established by the aforementioned industry authorities.

Testing in ACEA Oil Sequences

Some of the requirements products carried by a European motor oil supplier in Florida must meet ACEA oil sequences testing include viscosity grades, shear stability, HTHS viscosity, evaporative loss, and foaming tendency. These ACEA tests are also designed to measure low-temperature pumpability, oil oxidation with biodiesel, low-temperature sludge, fuel economy and diesel engine wear.

The ACEA European Oil Sequences report was lasted updated in December 2016. The most recent editions of this report are often updated with changes like new replacement tests. The laboratory tests included in the report cover engine oil used in a wide variety of European gasoline and light duty diesel engines, gasoline, and light duty diesel engines with exhaust after-treatment devices and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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