How Do People Charged with a Drug Crime in Mankato, MN Obtain Illegal Medications?

People who have been prescribed opioid pain medication for several months may become addicted to the drug and find it impossible to stop when the doctor ends the refills. Others obtain these drugs from friends and use them to get high. All of these individuals may become desperate enough when the supply is cut off and they seek other ways to obtain opioid medication. If they are caught by law enforcement, they will likely be charged with a drug crime in Mankato, MN.

Illegal Purchases and Sales

Someone who wants to buy opioids illegally may be able to find them on classified ad websites or through personal connections. The individual who sells the medication will be in even more trouble if charged with a drug crime in Mankato, MN, as a conviction of selling or intent to sell carries harsher penalties than possession.

There will also be the question as to where that person obtained the drugs, especially in sufficient quantities to resell them. Drug enforcement officials work hard to track sales backwards in an effort to find the original source. Sometimes a person selling drugs has a legitimate prescription for which the doctor continues to approve refills. In a long-established doctor-patient relationship, a doctor is likely to trust the patient to be honest about their level of chronic pain.

Sometimes the individual selling opioids has received prescriptions from several doctors over the years, switching health care providers whenever the supply was curtailed. People have resorted to stealing prescription pads, although this has become significantly more difficult since most prescriptions are delivered to pharmacies electronically now. The state of New York has already outlawed paper prescriptions, and other states are likely to follow this example.

Plea Bargains

In some cases, a plea bargain can be negotiated between the prosecuting attorney and the defense lawyer contingent upon the defendant providing information about their source. The defendant pleads guilty in return for reduced charges or a lesser sentence than would otherwise be likely. A judge must approve any proposed plea deal between a firm such as Blatz Law Office and the prosecution. Anyone who has been arrested for illegal drug possession or sales can visit for contact information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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