How Does Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas Create Timeless Beauty?

When women pursue permanent makeup in Las Vegas, NV, they can have a wide range of reasons. Permanent makeup can provide a more glamorous or exotic look, a fresh face that requires minimal maintenance, or concealment of scars and blemishes. Areas that receive the majority of permanent makeup artist’s focus are the eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Men may also seek permanent makeup services to fill in eyebrows or for other cosmetic needs.

Why Consider Permanent Make Up

Permanent makeup in Las Vegas, NV, addresses everyday issues for many people. For the overwhelming majority of women who apply makeup daily for their professional appearance, permanent makeup can save tremendous amounts of time. With effects that last at least a few years before fading, permanent makeup also gives you consistency. You can sweat, swim, and tumble out of bed without worrying about bleeding mascara or smudged lipstick. Other benefits of permanent makeup are considerable.

*Conceals scars*Evens skin tones*Helps people who cannot apply eyeliner or lipliner because of a disability *Customizes color and tone.


When you want to bring out your eyes, permanent makeup in Las Vegas addresses eyeliner, eyeshadow, and the eyelashes. Eyeliner involves tattooing the area of the lid nearest your lashes. While most people think of black when they consider permanent eyeliners, the most flattering colors are more commonly shades of brown.

Although women may usually skip eyeshadow when it comes to permanent makeup, it can add an extra dimension of customization. Permanent eyeshadow requires more artistry than many other areas of cosmetic tattoos. Its goal is usually a permanently soft look about the eyes with subtle but alluring shades. If eyeliner calls attention to your eyes, eyeshadow highlights their shape.

No amount of attention to the eye can pull off a completed look of beauty without the eyelashes. While eyelash extensions can achieve a luscious appearance for months, permanent makeup can produce luxurious lashes for years. By filling in pigment at the base between each lash, you appear to have plush eyelash extensions. Eyelash permanent makeup may eliminate the need for eyeliner.


Lip makeup involves lining the lips and spreading pigment inward so the lips appear fuller. Most cosmetologists no longer use tattoo ink, but the procedure still involves injecting color just beneath the top skin layers. Darker colors last several years while a more natural look may only endure 18 months between touch-ups.

Microblading and Nanoblading

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique for the eyebrows. It encompasses several levels of intervention. Contrary to tattooing, microblading gives a more natural look.

*Microblade – Injects pigment into several tiny tracks simultaneously to resemble real hair*Ombre – Enables shading from microblading technique to last longer and maintains the shape of the eyebrow if the color starts to fade; provides a lift for the eyebrow*Nano blade – Customizes the eyebrow according to facial shape

Where to Go

You want a licensed cosmetologist in the art of permanent makeup to achieve consistent and flawless results for your eyes, lashes, and lips. If you are considering permanent makeup in Las Vegas, NV, contact Amanda May Beauty for a consult or to book a service or touch-up.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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