How Hiring a Child Adoption Attorney Can Help

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Attorney, Lawyers

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Many people that have tried the adoption process will tell you that it is quite a challenge. There are so many requirements you need to fulfill and sometimes, small mistakes cost you the approval, taking you back to the start of the process. It is therefore important to make sure that you start the process with the help of a person who understands the process. To have an easy time with child adoption, therefore, you should hire a Child Adoption Attorney. Here are some things you need to understand about the process.

Ethical issues in adoption

There are three parties involved in the adoption process. These include the birth parents, the child and the adoptive parents. Adoption is also a lifelong process. This means that with time, ethical issues may arise from the adoption process. For instance, a child who was adopted may decide that they want to meet their birth parents when they grow older. This may bring about complications that will need the legal expertise of an adoption expert.

Eligibility for adoption

There are adoption agencies that carry out the assessment process and decide whether a person or a couple is eligible to adopt a child. The social worker may also be involved in the process. Adoption laws do not discriminate people from adopting children based on their religion, sexual orientation or marital status. Therefore, if you start having a rough time with the adoption process, you should hire a lawyer to make sure your rights are not being compromised in the process.

Disability and adoption

Being disabled does not automatically disqualify you from becoming an adoptive parent. However, it will depend on the extent of your disability. If you live alone and have disabilities that cannot allow you to care for a minor, you may have a hard time with adoption.

Available adoption choices

There are many choices that are available for people who want to adopt. You can choose to adopt from a foster home, through adoption agencies, and from other states and countries.

When you have the help of a Child Adoption Attorney, you will have an easier time with the whole process. James E. Hitchcock is one of the best child adoption lawyers in the state. Go to to learn more about the services he offers.


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