How Often a Carpet Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Although carpet cleaning services can sometimes be expensive, it is also a good way to help make your carpets last longer and keep them looking great. Carpet cleaning can also help reduce allergens in the home, such as pet dander, lingering cigarette smoke smells, dust mites and many other allergens. Vacuuming helps to reduce the amount of dirt that gets ground into carpets, but getting your carpets cleaned helps to get rid of dirt that is trapped deep down into the carpet. By keeping a regular carpet cleaning schedule, homeowners can save money by not having to replace their carpets.

To keep carpets looking their best, Carpet Cleaning in Long Island should be done on a regular basis. For areas that doesn’t get much foot traffic, such as under furniture or near walls, carpets can go as long as 12 to 18 months between cleanings. However, for areas that receive high foot traffic, usually the path from the front door to other areas of the house may have to be cleaned every three months. Carpets in homes that have kids, pets or smokers not only contain more allergens, but high-traffic areas have much more ground in dirt than the rest of the carpet.

The frequency of cleaning a home’s carpet will also depend on what material is used to make the carpet. Whenever carpets are professionally cleaned, the fibers are broken down each time. A cheaply made carpet would not survive frequent cleanings, but wool carpets would do well if it needed to be cleaned every three months. Also, carpets may not need to be cleaned as frequently if carpets cover only a small portion of the floors in a home because the tile or hardwood floors may get most of the traffic.

Many companies that do Carpet Cleaning in Long Island, such as Ace Home Cleaning, offer different methods for cleaning residential carpets. Carpets can be cleaning using chemicals or they can be steamed cleaned, which is a hot water extraction method. Before having carpets cleaned, determine what their fibers are and if they would be harmed by professional cleaning methods.

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