How Radio Frequency Sealing Improves Products

Radio frequency sealing, sometimes known as RF welding or dielectric welding, is a technology that has revolutionized many products. Radio frequency sealing is used primarily on plastic products that require a perfect impermeable seal.

When two plastic pieces must be sealed together to form a single product, either heat welding or RF welding is generally used. Heat welding works for certain types of plastic, but because the plastic is subject to melting, the seal may not be impermeable if the product is later exposed to heat again.

Some types of plastic, however, contain polar molecules. These molecules can be excited by radio frequency, much like your microwave excites water molecules to heat up food. When you can seal this type of exceptionally durable plastic using radio frequency, you are able to create a much more durable product and a much more permanent seal.

There is another reason why radio frequency sealing is a preferred method over heat sealing. Radio frequency sealing is much faster, as it can heat the molecules to temperature more quickly than traditional heat sealing, just like your microwave cooks food faster than your oven. So, you get a better seal and increased production from your plant. This increased production often cuts the cost of making the products, as well.

Radio frequency sealing is widely used in the healthcare and military markets. Medical items like fluid collection bags and ostomy bags are RF welded to ensure a perfect seal, protecting medical personnel and patients from hazardous materials.

If your industry’s products could benefit from the advantages of radio frequency sealing, talk with a vendor today. There are companies that manufacture plastic products using this technology to help all sorts of businesses improve the durability and reliability of the products they make.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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