How Shrink Wrap Machines Erase Risk and Increase Efficiency

It’s no secret that shrink wrapping goods on pallets is one of the most important methods of ensuring the integrity of products when they arrive to their destinations. There are a few ways to wrap loaded pallets, including by hand, machine, or both. However, even small operations realize the benefits of using pallet shrink wrap machines. There are many types on the market that offer virtually hands-free and fast wrapping, providing many advantages to manufacturers, distributors, and other organizations that ship palletized products.

Protection of Goods

Automated pallet shrink wrap machines offer a consistent way of stretching the shrink wrap to make a strong and secure seal around an array of loads. This protects the load from shifting and collecting contaminants and moisture. 

Better Safety

Shrink wrap machines, when fully automated, require little human intervention. Manual wrapping processes require a forklift driver to walk on the warehouse floor to complete the process, increasing the risk of forklift accidents. However, machines reduce or eliminate the need for drivers to leave their forklifts. Many drivers just need to press a button or pull a cord to start the wrapping machine.

Time Savings

Pallet shrink wrap machines are built to wrap many pallets within an hour. Their precise measurements and movements perform at a speed and accuracy difficult for humans to achieve. This allows organizations to wrap more pallets per hour compared to manual approaches.?

Shrink wrap machines offer many other benefits to organizations. Try one for your organization today, and you will discover them for yourself.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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