How The Oklahoma Adoption Process Works For You

Giving your baby up for adoption is a hard decision to make, but sometimes it is your best option. By discussing your options with an adoption agency you have the ability to meet with prospective parents before anything is official. With Oklahoma Adoption agencies, you know that your child will have a good home with loving parents.

The Adoption Process

Initially, you meet with a counselor working within the agency. You have the opportunity to explain to this counselor your reasons for ending your parental rights. Among the most common, reasons are the inability to support the child adequately, the age of the mother, and in some circumstances, the mother may not be ready to become a parent. Your counselor will discuss these reasons with you without judgment.

Screening Prospective Parents

An Oklahoma Adoption agency provides screening for prospective parents. The screen process enables a social worker to investigate the applicants to ensure that they are prepared for parenthood, and that they are the right candidates for your child. This process requires the prospective parents to fill out an application for adoption. A social worker employed by the adoption agency begins an investigation which begins with a criminal background check. He or she conducts an interview with the prospective parents to gather information about them and their living situation.

The Meeting

Once the adoption agency establishes a good match for your child, you will meet with these potential parents to determine whether you agree. You may meet with a few sets of parents before you discover the right choice for your child. However, this meeting provides you with the option to voice your opinion. As the biological mother, you have the right to end any adoption contract at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Medical Coverage

After you and the agency have selected parents for your child, a contract is signed. Within this contract, you will discover that the adopting parents are responsible for all of your prenatal care, delivery, and post-delivery care. They are immediately responsible for medical coverage for the child after birth. Any other form of compensation provided for you is defined at the time that the agreement is signed.

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