How to Care for Your Commercial Flat Roof in Chicago, Illinois

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Roofing

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Your building’s roof is one of its greatest investments, but it can also be the biggest problem if it’s not well maintained. If you have a building with commercial flat roofing in Chicago, here are some tips for maintaining it.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Flat roofs can deteriorate quickly due to weather and heavy foot traffic. That’s why you should schedule roof maintenance at least twice a year. These inspections identify small problems before they become bigger ones and ensure your roof stays in excellent condition.

Check for Blistering and Cracking

The freeze-thaw cycle or incompetent workmanship can result in blistering, cracking, and ridging. Significant damage should always be noted and fixed by commercial roofing contractors. Have your maintenance staff walk the roof monthly to check for these problems and get repairs ASAP.

Clean the Roof

Flat roofs tend to collect leaves, sticks, and other debris. These items slide off sloped roofs, but when you have a flat surface, they stay put. If debris is on the roof, rain and snow will stick around longer in these places and can cause the roof material to weaken. Regular flat roof cleaning keeps ponding from happening and protects your roof’s longevity.

You don’t have to care for commercial flat roofing in Chicago alone. In fact, it’s always better to hire commercial roofers to handle the maintenance. You’ll have peace of mind that your roof’s in its best condition, and you can worry about your business. To schedule flat roof services, get in touch with Showalter Roofing Services at

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