How to Choose Commercial Carpet in Glenview

There are several very good reasons for the widespread popularity of commercial carpeting. When a business or organization is considering installing commercial carpeting, there are some factors to be considered.

  • Areas with higher foot traffic will need more durable and stain-resistant carpeting than areas with less foot traffic. Using a high-quality carpet in a heavily traveled area will pay for itself over the life of the carpet
  • Carpet takes a lot of abuse. Estimate how long you would like the carpet to look good; this will help determine the budget.
  • It can be tempting to consider getting cheaper carpet now and replacing it later. What would be involved in doing so? How much furniture would have to be moved? The replacement cost later could well exceed the current cost of a better grade carpet.
  • Nylon is the best choice for areas with high foot traffic. Over time, it will continue to look better than cheaper carpeting. Nylon carpeting also possesses good stain resistance.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene carpet is easy on the budget and stands up well to moderate foot traffic. This type of carpeting also has excellent stain resistance.
  • There are three types of commercial carpet. Loop carpeting is the most common type and will last longer than a cut pile carpet. The most luxurious feel is cut pile, however. This is perfect for any area that needs to look as wonderful as possible. Carpet tile can be either loop or cut pile carpet set into a rubber backing. Tiles are replaceable if damaged and easier to install in many areas. This is the most expensive choice but offers increased functionality.

Whatever carpet is ultimately chosen will bring a warm feel and provide safer, non-slip footing for customers and employees alike. Enjoy!

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