How to Fight Drug Charges with a Drug Lawyer in Lebanon

Many people who are charged with drugs feel they are unwarranted and want to fight them. It can be difficult,but there are cases of drug charges being completely dismissed or reduced. The outcome of this type of case depends on the help of a Drug Lawyer in Lebanon. The Law Offices of Sodomsky and Nigrini has experience with representing clients charged with drugs and can help with getting successful results.

It is important to not say anything to the police without a lawyer being present. The police are not there to help you no matter what they say. They want to solve their case and put the suspect in jail.

Some people make the mistake of giving consent for the police to perform a search. If they have the legal right to search your residence, body, or vehicle, then they will not ask for permission. It is also important to act cordial instead of being rude. Information from the police report is going to come up in court and you do not want to appear as a violent offender. It is easy to make a bad impression on the jury and judge by verbally or physical assaulting a police officer.

If the officer attempt to question you, then you needs to tell him you want a lawyer present. Everyone have the right to legal representation and the police are obligated to respect your wishes. When the officer takes you down to the station, he may ask you to take a urine or blood test and to sign a statement. You should not sign or the do test until your lawyer is present.

Defendants should be honest and listen to their attorney. It is his job to get the best outcome for your case. There is the possibility that the judge or the prosecutor may be willing to offer a deal if you are a first time offender. It is important to weigh you options before deciding to take the case to court. Some judges are willing to take the charges off your record when willing to participate in an alternative or rehab program. Click here for more information.

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