How to Find A Car Repair Shop in Salt Lake City

Everyone will need an auto mechanic at some point, but many do not know where to find them. Recommendations are a great way to find an honest repair shop, but the Internet is another good source. In this article, you will get some tips on finding Car Repair Salt Lake City.

Just Yelp!

Yelp is a site that brings people and businesses together. It has an extensive auto repair review section, and the free site has smartphone apps and a mobile version. Search “Car Repair In Salt Lake City”, and provide your ZIP code. Results can be filtered based on ratings, review numbers and distance.

As useful as Yelp is, some reviews can be misleading. The site uses an algorithm to spot them, but a few slip by. Look for a review that is specific, and gives enough detail. If you can find a shop owner who has thoughtfully replied to a review, consider taking your business there.

Ask Angie

Angie’s List is known for how well-vetted its reviews are, and the site has a good selection of Car Repair Salt Lake City shops. There aren’t as many reviews as on Yelp, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Angie’s List charges for membership, therefore the chance of a biased review is lower.

Google It

We all know how good Google is for searching, but the results may need some filtering. Type in “auto repair in _____” (your ZIP code). Disregard the paid ads at the top, and start with the sites that have an address and a phone number listed. Google has a proprietary scoring and review system, much like Yelp’s.

Auto Enthusiast Forums

If you can find a forum dedicated to your car’s make and model, you will probably find a thread discussing local repair shops. Members are usually more than happy to talk about their experiences and to offer recommendations, but you should filter their reviews in the same way described above.

The Internet is a good place to find a new mechanic, but old fashioned recommendations and word of mouth are often more reliable. Ask family and friends who works on their cars, and your next repair shop could be closer than you think.

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