How to Have a Waterproof Basement in Fairfax, VA

Far too many people just accept a basement that’s damp and leaky. It can seem like having a dry basement is an impossible thing to accomplish considering the basement sits underground. There is often a constant pressure of water that can seep into the soil and penetrate any basement wall. Although it is true that water will attempt to make its way into the basement, a homeowner does not have to allow it. It is possible to have a Waterproof Basement in Fairfax VA.

Yard and soil drainage

One of the main reasons water can seep into a basement is that the water has nowhere else to go. When it rains, water soaks the soil around the home. This water needs to travel somewhere. That somewhere is often into the basement through small cracks in the wall or through the foundation. By having a drainage system installed, the water can be redirected away from the home. This can prevent many of the causes of a damp and leaky basement.

Foundation repair

Damage to a foundation can often cause water to seep into the basement. Small cracks and improper drainage can allow water to seep into the foundation and create more problems. This can cause serious issues throughout the basement that allow a lot of water to enter the home. If not repaired, these problems can progress to cause serious instabilities and damages throughout the home. Having the foundation repaired can minimize the entry of water into the basement.

Basement repair

Once the cause of water entry is corrected, more focus can be placed on the walls and floors of the basement. Any cracks or damages to the basement walls can be repaired to prevent residual water in the soil from leaking in. There are also liners and other steps that can be taken to ensure the walls are waterproof. There are even options available to encapsulate any crawlspace. These steps can ensure a waterproof basement in Fairfax VA.

No longer does a homeowner have to suffer a leaky basement. There are professionals that can inspect the basement, foundation, and perimeter of the home to find the cause of the leak and take steps to repair it. Contact Business Name to schedule an inspection.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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