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How to Help Your Kids Boost Their Immune Systems

If you hope to save yourself the difficulty and anxiety that often come with having a sick child, do yourself a favor and take steps to boost your child’s immune system. Not only can preventative measures keep your kids healthy, they also go a long way in helping you to save the time and money spent putting your child back on the road to recovery. Rather than wait until your child gets sick, take a proactive approach with a few tips from pediatrician doctors in Summerville, SC.

Serve Up More Vegetables and Fruit

You likely already know it’s essential to eat your fruits and vegetables, but doing so is especially important when it comes to building your child’s immune system. Specifically, you’ll want to aim for feeding your son or daughter at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day. Besides helping fight off colds and other sicknesses, veggies and fruits can also protect your child against heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases later on in life.

Make Sure Your Kids Get a Good Night’s’ Rest

Kids have boundless energy, and they don’t always tire themselves out as much as you might like. To keep them healthy, you’ll want to try your best to ensure your children get plenty of sleep. Newborns should get about 18 hours of sleeping time, 12 hours for toddlers and 10 hours for kids who are in preschool. While naps can go a long way in meeting these sleep goals, you should consider having your child go to bed a bit earlier if she or he doesn’t nap during the day.

Exercise With Your Kids

Teach your kids proper health habits by instilling the importance of exercise into them at an early age. Rather than let your kids go out and play and run around by themselves, exercise and play with them so you both get a chance to get in some exercise.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is healthy. Work with a pediatrician doctors in Summerville, SC, and put these tips to good use in your little one’s life.  Visit charlestonpalmettopediatrics.com to learn more!

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