How To Maintain Swimming Pools In Cape Coral FL All Year Round

On average, an in-ground pool adds an 8% value to a home property value. Besides the value having a pool in your yard you have instant access to recreation, relaxation, physical therapy as well as exercise, an entertainment hot-spot in the summer and last but not least, built in aesthetics that Swimming Pools Cape Coral FL add to any yard. Fortunately, there are relatively easy ways to maintain your pool weekly, monthly and seasonally to possibly keep your backyard entertainment system open all year.


To keep a pool in optimum performance, it has to be kept clean of debris all year round. This means cleaning the skimmer out at least weekly, possibly more depending on the seasons. If there is a vacuum sweeper attached to the pool that runs on a daily basis, the basket for debris must be cleaned out at least once a week as well. A thorough cleaning by a hand-held vacuum is a quick way to manually clean the pool before swim time but running a robot vacuum for a few hours daily will help maintain the Swimming Pools in Cape Coral FL.

On a weekly basis during the more active summer months, pH and chlorine levels must be checked. By testing the water with pool test strips, you will be adding chemicals to ensure for a healthy swim. Chemicals give you a safe Pool Cape Coral FL and keep your equipment up and running at optimum performance. The pH level in the pool should be between 7.4 to 7.6 parts per million (ppm) and the chlorine is best at 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. In the off season, aside from keeping the pool clean of debris, testing can occur on a monthly basis to keep the levels remotely close to normal.

As you can imagine, a stagnant body of water can attract and be a breeding place for algae and other contaminants. Having a filtration system in place in your pool keeps the water running. By shocking the pool every week, or as often as needed depending on the tested water level, adds a large amount of chlorine to kill any contaminants that may be adversely affecting the right swimming conditions in the pool.

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