How to Prepare a Home for Hardwood Flooring in Evanston

The vast majority of homeowners making the switch to hardwood flooring in Evanston choose to hire dedicated flooring contractors to prepare their subfloors and install their materials, and with good reason. This work requires precision, experience, and specialized tools, so it is in fact best left to the professionals.

Choosing to work with the pros doesn’t mean that homeowners themselves should just sit back and wait for their contractors to arrive. There are a few steps that they should be taking to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and to mitigate the dust and mess produced by having new wood floors installed. Read on to find out how to get started.

Dealing with Dust

Installing new hardwood floors almost always generates a good deal of dust. While contractors do take certain steps toward containing it such as placing drop cloths as needed, homeowners who want to protect their belongings should take a few minutes to prepare the rest of their homes themselves. Simply seal off any rooms that will not need to be accessed with plastic and masking tape so that the dust can’t get in, to begin with.

Remove and Store Doors

Homeowners can, if they so choose, wait for their contractors to arrive and remove their doors for them, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll do so safely and responsibly. The best way to store doors is to pile them in a stack someplace safe and separate each of them from the others in the stack using moving blankets.

Prepare a Cutting Area

The flooring contractors will need someplace to cut their materials. The ideal place to do so is outside where they have nearby access to an outlet door and the cover from a patio or a garage. Creating a safe and convenient space to cut the materials needed for installing hardwood flooring in Evanston will not only make the contractors’ lives easier but will make any wood shavings or sawdust generated easier to clean up.

Find the Right Contractors

Need to find a flooring company that will get the job done right? Visit the website for one local company to learn more about their services.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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