How to Service an Aerobic Tank in Lewisville TX

The septic tank is one of the most important parts of the home waste disposal system. This is because it acts as a reservoir for all the wastes that accumulate in the house. As a result, when the septic tank has a problem, the whole drainage system in the home falls apart. There are several types of septic tanks. Aerobic tanks are autonomous in that the wastes that enter are acted upon by the bacteria in the tank leading to complete decomposition. However, there are certain circumstances that can interfere with the working of these tanks. Here are a few important things to know about servicing aerobic tanks in Lewisville TX.

The signs of a failing tank

There are certain things that act as indicators for a tank that is not functioning properly. You should call in a plumber or septic tank expert as soon as you note some of the following signs.

  • When wastes from the bathroom especially water keeps backing up to the house. This means that the waste is not draining properly, and the reason could be a overflowing tank.
  • When the area around the tank becomes covered with thick luxuriant vegetation. This is normally an indication that the tank is leaking, and the wastes are providing some natural manure to the vegetation.
  • When there is a foul smell coming from the direction of the tank.
  • When there is a noticeable presence of waste water stagnating in the compound.

These are just a few of the things that should indicate to you that your tank has a problem.

The main cause of problems for an aerobic tank

An aerobic tank fails when the bacteria that are supposed to decompose the waste dies out, and the process of decomposition stops. This leads to a buildup of sludge to a pint of overfilling. Some laundry agents, soaps and detergents can cause the decimation of the aerobic bacteria. To rectify the problem, the septic experts will pump out the sludge, clean the tank and introduce some artificial bacteria. They will also figure out the chemical that is causing bacteria death and recommend you stop using it.

These are important things to know when you have an Aerobic Tank in Lewisville TX. For details about servicing these tanks Visit website.

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