If You Suspect Water Damage in Your Fairfax Home, Make Repairs Immediately

Water damage can be a disaster, even if it seems to be relatively mild. The problem is that most of the damage will not be superficial, it will be at a deeper level and it will continue to worsen long after the superficial problems are solved. Moisture in your home can cause all kinds of problems. From mold to structural problems, moisture wreaks havoc on walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings. You should watch for the signs of water damage and get repairs done as soon as you suspect you have a moisture problem.

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can be much less obvious than you’d expect. The most obvious signs will be water itself, such as a flooding bathroom or water dripping from the ceiling. Broken pipes or leaks in the roof can cause dramatic water damage that it easy to identify and to repair. Just be sure to use a dehumidifier and keep moisture from collecting and causing further problems in the future.

But there are much more mild and unrecognizable leaks that will cause as much or more water damage than a major leak. Water that gets into the walls and ceilings can cause buckling and a warped look. Sometimes you’ll also see a spreading water damage outline on a surface that is being affected by water. This can look like spilled coffee. If you notice a soft spot or a buckled spot anywhere on your ceiling, walls, or floor, contact someone immediately. Water damage that has been going on for a while can cause structural damage and you should find out immediately what kind of water damage repair you will need.

Mold and Mildew

Of course, one of the problems that water causes is not directly due to water itself. Mold and mildew love a warm, damp environment. The inside of your walls with a water leak is probably ideal for mold to grow. After a while, the mold itself will eat away at the inside of your walls, causing considerable damage even before you can tell that anything is wrong.

Who to Trust for Water Damage Repairs in Fairfax

There are plenty of providers of water damage repair in Fairfax. Just make sure you find someone who knows how to assess water damage and has experience with all kinds of water damage. From water damage after a fire to a leaky pipe, you want to be sure the people you call have seen problems like yours before.

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