Water Damage: The Harmful Effects of a House that’s wet in Arlington

by | Nov 10, 2012 | Home And Garden

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If you live in a home or building that has water damage, your health could potentially be suffering.  This type of damage can deteriorate your health as quickly as it is doing to your home.  Here are some of the risks that are associated with water damage in your living space:

1. A breeding ground- The unfortunate part about any extra water in a house is that it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and other types of germs.
2. Asthma- Another serious health hazard caused by exposure to water damage is bronchial asthma.  This disease can make it hard for you or your family members to breath.
3. Molds- Molds can affect your breathing passageways and the way that you feel.

How to Measure How Bad the Water Damage Is On Your Health
The extent of the water damage on your health is somewhat determined by the type of water in your walls and floors.  Three of the main categories of water damage includes; Category 1- Clean Water, Category 2 – Gray Water, and Category 3 – Black Water.

If water damage is categorized as clean water, it means that it originated or came from a water source that was non-harmful.  All water damage can become dangerous, but this type of water damage can pose the least threat to your health- especially if it is cleaned up quickly.

If water damage is in the second category, gray water, then you are someone who is at risk with category 2 damage water.  This type of water damage has been deemed to have the potential to cause health effects or discomfort to humans if they are exposed to it.

If the water damaged is categorized as black water, it is especially dangerous to humans.  This is the most dangerous type of water damage, causing harm if it is ingested or breathed in.

What You Should Do If You Feel Like You Have Water Damage in Arlington
If you think that your health is suffering from water damage, you need to take the proper actions to minimize or get rid of the damage.  The quicker you address the problem, the better.  Water damage has the potential to spread and get worse as time goes by.

How Your Home Could Be Suffering From Water Damage
Water damage is often the after math of Mother Nature.  Floods, hurricanes, and rain storms are all things that can cause water damage in your home.  Broken pipes, a roof leak, or any other deterioration can also cause water damage.

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