Improve your Car with Auto Tinting Prices in Grapevine, TX

It is amazing the damage that can be caused by the sun’s rays. If you have a car which doesn’t have any tinting on the windows, then it’s going to be hot in the summer time, and you can be sure the sun will eventually cause damage to the overall interior of the car. The best way to add privacy and to protect the interior from the sun’s rays is to tint the windows. There are some very reasonable Auto tinting prices Grapevine, TX. All you have to do is tell them what you want done and they will give you a price.

Sunray Customs has all types of window tinting for cars. They also offer discounts for seniors, people in the military, public defenders and they also have a discount for any tinting over fifty dollars. Auto tinting prices do vary, according to what type of tinting you want done, and it also depends on how many windows you want tinted as well. Huper Optic Tinting helps block out 60% of the sun’s rays and it’s legal for the two front windows. It’s a solar control film, which works perfectly and it doesn’t fade.

There is also the CTX series tinting. This type of tinting blocks out 60% of the sun’s rays as well, but it allows for perfect clarity from inside the vehicle. It blocks out infrared rays, which can cause problems with electronic devices inside the car. There is also Platinum Plus tinting, which blocks out up to 65% of the sun’s rays. There is an ATR and ATC series tinting as well. ATR is the most popular tinting, and it has a lifetime warranty along with the Platinum Plus Series. The ATC series is great for people who are looking for a color dyed series, with a non-color change warranty.

Window tinting really does improve the overall look of your car and it also blocks out some of the sun’s rays, so that there is less sun damage to electronics and also to the overall interior of the car. Auto tinting prices Grapevine, TX do vary quite a bit, depending on what type of tinting you choose. They also change if you want just one window tinted, or if you want the whole car to have darker windows. Talk to a professional and get a great price on your window tinting today.

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