Improve Your Chicago Home with New Carpet

New Carpet Chicago can provide a fresh start to any home. There are several steps that need to be taken to make sure the job is done well and the result is functional and enjoyable. Choosing the color and style of carpet are just the beginning.

The first step in the process is to measure the room where the replacement is to be done. You can measure along two intersecting walls. Take these measurements to your preferred Carpet Dealers in Chicago and begin the search for the type you want installed. They will then cut or deliver the amount you need. Often, they will include a little extra in both directions to be sure you have plenty to fill the room.

Next, remove the old carpet and pad from the floor. This may seem like an easy job, but is much more labor intensive than most people anticipate. The previous pad may be glued to the floor and will require a special scraping tool to remove. It is important to remove the old pad to avoid any mold or dust that has accumulated over the years.

Clean the surface. After the old carpet and pad have been removed, you will want to be sure the entire surface is cleaned and smooth. Some will sweep and then mop to thoroughly clean the surface. You may want to spray the surface with an ant mold solution. Let the surface dry completely before beginning the process of installing the new flooring.

It is always recommended to have a professional perform the installation. They have the tools and experience to be sure the pad is properly glued to the floor. They can also make sure there are now gaps, bumps, or folds in the new carpet. It should be installed tightly to be sure it does not come up during use.

When you have New Carpet Chicago installed, you should be very pleased. As long as the proper steps are taken to ensure that the new installation happens on a clean and prepared surface, you will end up with carpet that will last for years. Having a professional do all or part of the job helps to make sure there are no mistakes along the way. Visit American Carpet Distributors for new carpet in Chicago.

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