Indications that You May Need Instrument Cluster Repair in Arizona

Modern cars are complex, and that sophistication extends to the dashboard instrumentation. An electronic instrument cluster gives the driver data such as fuel level, mileage, speed, and can warn of various vehicle malfunctions. If the cluster itself has an issue, it may display an inaccurate reading, or it might not work at all. Bad sensors, poor grounding and voltage problems can all bring about the need for instrument cluster repair in Arizona, with many panels needing total replacement.

Electrical Issues

A faulty wiring harness or a broken cluster can cause fuses to blow and instruments to stop working. If you replace a fuse and it immediately blows, either the cluster or a harness likely has a short. Tracking the short with a voltmeter can show you where the problem lies, and using an ohmmeter to check the harness can tell you whether the circuit is properly grounded.

Sensor Problems

Your car’s electronic gauges depend on computer sensors to receive accurate information. If just one instrument in the cluster is misbehaving, it may have a faulty sensor. However, if more than one gauge is malfunctioning, you may be in need of instrument cluster repair Arizona.

Finding the Problem

Some cars self-check their instrumentation during the ignition process. During this self-diagnosis, all the panel’s indicators should turn on, and if one does not, there may be a problem with the instrument cluster. Some types of cars allow you to do a self-check at any time with the press of a button.

Solving the Problem

Most automakers consider the instrument panel to be a single unit, and even if one indicator quits working, the entire unit must be replaced. Some dashboard lights are owner-replaceable, but many are sealed into the circuitry of the instrument panel and require professional service.

Considerations to Make

We don’t recommend that you try to repair your instrument panel on your own, but if you do attempt it, disconnect your car’s battery first. Leaving the battery connected could cause airbag deployment, electrical short, or fire. If your car is equipped with an electric odometer, your repair professional must take the memory card out of your old panel and insert it into the new instrument cluster. Alternatively, the new cluster must be programmed to display the correct mileage.

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