Information About Invisalign in Herndon

Are your teeth crooked and out of alignment? This can cause you to not only feel self-conscious about your smile but can also cause painful jaw conditions and bite problems. If your teeth are crooked and out of alignment, there are now treatment options available that can help you to avoid wearing cumbersome braces. With Invisalign in Herndon, your teeth can be straightened with much less time and without the embarrassment.

In years past, crooked and misaligned teeth were always treated with the typical metal braces. While these were effective in straightening the teeth, they often caused issues. The metal would cause cuts and scratches in the lips and gums. The wires were impossibly uncomfortable and then braces were constantly getting food caught between them.

On top of all of the other issues, older metal braces seemed to leave impressions and stains on the teeth that were very difficult to remove. This left many people with more problems than they had bargained for.

With Invisalign in Herndon, you can straighten your teeth with no one even noticing you are wearing a dental appliance. Since the Invisalign trays are clear, they blend in perfectly with your teeth. Each of these custom made trays is changed out after so many days. This begins to move your teeth into the perfect position and straightens your teeth beautifully.

With Invisalign, you have no cumbersome metal wires or rubber bands to wear. The Invisalign treatment is much more beneficial and much more comfortable. With these treatments, you can have straighter teeth in less time and will be amazed at the finished product.

When you are considering having your teeth straightened, it is important that you first go in for a consultation. Most dentists offer a free Invisalign consultation that allows you to see if this treatment is right for you.

Though all insurance plans do not pay for Invisalign, your dentist may offer a dental financing plan that will allow you to have your work done with no money down and very low monthly payments. This will allow you to get started on correcting your smile and regaining your confidence again.

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