Learning Why You Should Spay Or Neuter In Oahu

Pet owners usually want the best for their pets. Some pet owners consider their pets to be part of their families. People who are new to pet ownership may not know that there are advantages to deciding to Spay Or Neuter in Oahu. Once a person becomes familiar with the advantages of the procedures, they can decide if they want to have one of the procedures done to their pet.

Neutering male pets can actually help with health. If the male undergoes the procedure before reaching the age of six months, testicular cancer can be prevented. Female pets also stand to benefit. When a female pet is spayed, breast cancer can be prevented. Statistics show that the disease has a mortality rate of about 90% for felines and 50% for canines. Spaying females also helps to prevent common uterine infections that occur in pets.

Taking a pet to The Honolulu Pet Clinic or any other clinic in the area to Spay or Neuter in Oahu is a good idea if a pet owner wants to stop their female pet from going into heat. Pets in heat will attempt to attract males. Frequent urination usually happens when a pet is in heat. This can lead to the urine being inside of the home. Pets that aren’t neutered will also mark their territory with urine. The urine has a strong smell to it. Males will mark territory both inside and outside of a home. Cat urine is especially strong. It may require professional cleaning in order to get the urine smell out of fabric and carpeting.

When male dogs are neutered, they are less likely to try to run away from home. Pets that aren’t neutered may try to roam the neighborhood so that they can find mates. If a female is in heat, a pet that isn’t neutered may make attempts to come in contact with that female. Male pets that are neutered aren’t nearly as aggressive as dogs that aren’t neutered.

A pet owner doesn’t have to worry about any unwanted pregnancies if a female pet is spayed. It doesn’t take long for a pet to get pregnant. After an unwanted pregnancy, there will be medical bills and the litter will have to be dealt with. All of this can be prevented by spaying or neutering your pet. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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