Lip Injections – Learn More About Them

Lip augmentation, also known as lip injections, is a simple cosmetic option that changes thin lips and makes them plumper and fuller. It also can help to enhance the shape of the upper or lower lips. This is not a surgical procedure and it is also not permanent. How long the enhancement lasts is really dependent on the injection used and your body’s reaction.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, or skin cell fillers, are used for lip augmentation. There are different options that are used but the most common option is a hyaluronic acid solution. This is actually a product that is already in your body and there are very few possible side effects or complications with its use.

In most cases, patients that undergo lip injections can expect to see the results last for up to six months. Then the lips slowly return to normal unless you choose to have the injection repeated. There is no limit to the number of injections that you can have unless there is some contraindication to continued use.

How They Work

They hyaluronic acid in the lip injection is a liquid when injected, but it quickly forms a thicker gel like material in the body. It plumps up each individual cell, which is millions of cells in the lips, giving them shape and fullness.

The doctor will inject the filler very carefully to create the desired shape. Remember they will only enhance the natural shape; they cannot give you completely differently shaped lips.

Initially, there will be a series of visits for the injections, which can be done in the office without the need for any anesthetic, although a topical numbing agent may be used at the injection sites. This allows the lips to be carefully sculpted to give the look that you want.

Seeking Professional Services

While it is possible to get lip injections at spas and through other professionals, it is highly recommended that you use a cosmetic surgeon. Incorrectly injecting the filler can result in a range of complications from lumps and bumps that take months to disappear to asymmetrical lips, artificially enlarged lips, and in the case of incorrect positioning of the injection, permanent changes to the lips that may not even be correctable with actual plastic surgery.

Lip augmentation through lip injections is a safe, effective way to plump up your lips. Just make sure you choose a cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure to get just the results you desire.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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