Maintaining Your Metal Roof

The choice to replace your asphalt roof with a metal roof comes with a lot of great benefits. One huge benefit is the fact that the metal roof will last much longer than most roofs. The fact that they will last longer does not mean that you no longer have to worry about your roof. You still have to maintain your roof; doing so will extend the life of the roof and mean that you will minimize problems.

All metal roofs are painted. Much like car’s paint fading, the paint on your roof will fade as well. Allowing your roof’s paint to fade will not reduce its ability to secure your home but it will look unappealing from the curb. If you opted for the warranty with the Roof Contractor in Portland, applying the top coat for the paint periodically may be covered. You should call your roof installation company before contracting with another company. If the work is not covered, then you may want to inquire about the costs associated with completing the work and their availability. Choosing to go with the same company is a great idea because you already know the quality of their work and you wouldn’t have to research another roofing company.

Metal expands and shrinks like other materials. In the process, cracks may appear and bolts and screws may loosen. It is important to have the Roof Contractor Portland assess if your roof has this problem and if so can they fix it while they are repainting your roof. Knocking both of these tasks out at once is efficient and means your roof requires your attention once every few years. Even if the Roof Contractor Portland does not find any problems, at the very least you pro-actively looked for any problems that could have potentially caused leaks further down the road.

Maintaining a metal roof is much different from maintaining an asphalt roof. Your investment in a metal roof is a sound and durable. Although you do have to maintain the roof, most of the maintenance isn’t any different from maintaining a traditional asphalt roof.

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