Maintenance and Repairs for Heat Pumps in Centreville VA

Heat pumps are units that provide heat for your home via thermal energy resources. The term heat pump can refer to devices that heat or cool depending on the system you have set up in your home. Just like any kind of heating and cooling unit, a heat pump requires maintenance and repairs as necessary. The following information will cover things you should know about maintenance and repair services for Heat pumps in Centreville, VA.


Maintenance is the fundamental solution for preventing issues due to lack of maintenance on heat pumps. It is no different than the concept of regular maintenance on your vehicle. As long as you take good care of your heat pump, it will provide you with efficient service for many years. Maintenance services include things like inspections, thermostat check or calibration, checking and tightening electrical connections, measuring voltage, lubricating moving parts, checking and cleaning coils, checking and recharging refrigerant, checking and adjusting the blower, and inspecting the drainage of the heat pump system. These are the things that help make your system run efficiently, keep you comfortable, and extend the life of your heat pump unit.


If you use maintenance services a couple of times a year, you should be able to prevent serious repair issues. However, it is important to realize that maintenance cannot prevent damage done from wildlife, natural disasters, or other issues that can occur due to lack of maintenance or outside of maintenance issues. Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels can chew through electrical connections causing your system to malfunction or stop working. Birds may nest in the unit or inside your ventilation ducts which can cause problems with airflow which may result in over working the motor. Moving parts can also be compromised by wildlife and natural disasters like lightning. Regardless of the reason for the repair, a quality HVAC contractor with knowledge and experience with heat pumps will be needed to make the repairs.

These are the primary services you can expect for Heat pumps in Centreville, VA. Unless you want to upgrade, your system is more than seven years old, or your heat pump requires more repairs than it is worth, you should be able to maintain and repair your heat pump without costly replacement. Woody’s Sudden Service Heating & Cooling provides quality HVAC services for heat pumps and all types of systems.

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