Medical Malpractice in Douglasville, GA-Proving Two Crucial Elements

The law guiding Medical Malpractice in Douglasville, GA is becoming increasingly complex by the day, and plaintiffs or victims of medical malpractice must be alert to this fact. The person who claims that he or she was injured or suffered in the course of treatment bears a heavy burden of proving that in fact, the medical professional erred and that the negligence resulted in injuries.

The job of a medical malpractice lawyer is to work with the victim to ensure that all or almost all tests are met. With this mind, here are the two elements that a skilled lawyer will seek to prove for you to have a strong case:

1.Proof of breach of standard of care

Medical malpractice law requires a plaintiff to prove that there was a breach of the standard of care by the doctor, health institution other health care providers in question. Here, standard of care may mean what any average professional would have done in similar circumstances. Injuries occur in hospitals, but this does not mean that every injury amounts to malpractice. There are scenarios where mere poor outcome does not qualify the procedure as an error. A lawyer must be able to prove that the health care provider did something wrong or failed to act when he or she should have acted.

2.Proof of causation

The first proof is essential but not sufficient to conclude that there was medical malpractice on the part of the doctor. The first premise opens up an avenue to argue that the error committed resulted in the injuries that were sustained. Here, a skilled lawyer must bring in the causation element, which is the most crucial element in medical malpractice cases. A typical case that would qualify as medical malpractice is where a patient who was taken to the hospital after a non-fatal accident died because of neglect or delay in performing surgery to treat the injuries received in the accident. However, when events show that the patient was attended to as fast as was reasonably required but died on the surgery table, this case would not succeed.

Proving these elements requires a tactful lawyer who has experience in handling complex cases related to Medical Malpractice in Douglasville, GA. By selecting an experienced lawyer, you improve your chances of proving the two crucial components needed to win your case. Visit us at


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