Motion Detection

Basic alarm systems protect the perimeter of your home from unauthorized entry but do not do anything if an intruder is inside your home. An intruders movements inside are too unpredictable to set specific alarm triggers like at entry points. If an intruder gets into your home you will need some type of motion detection. One of the most common motion detectors people are aware of is an automatic door at a store. Or you may think of the laser beam grid shown in many spy movies. There are actually quite a lot of options for your security needs. It seems as if there are almost as many types of detectors as there are situations needing protection. If you are in need of a security system in Guildford, you will find that most are much simpler to understand than you may expect.

Types of detectors

Many types of detectors are relatively new, constantly being improved as the technology is advanced. Take the example of the automatic door. They used to rely on floor mats with a pressure pad to operate the door switch, but now use microwave or ultrasonic waves more often. The microwave and ultrasound sensors operate on a similar principle. The microwave sensor emits radio energy, the ultrasound generates a sound wave. Both of these sensors monitor the reflected energy coming back to them. If there is a disturbance in the reflection pattern the system knows someone is present. Then the system can do whatever it is programmed to do in response, such as opening a door, turning on lights, or a camera. Another common type of motion sensor in an “electric eye”. These are commonly seen in stores, the sensor may sound a chime when someone enters the shop. They are a two part device. One piece will send a focused light, usually laser, to a receiver. When the beam is interrupted the sensor will send a signal to the control box.

Most common sensor

In homes and businesses the most common motion sensor is the passive infrared motion detector. This is a simple one piece device that does not generate any signal of its own. It will sense body heat, and trigger an alarm, when there is a rapid change in heat energy. There are constant fluctuations in heat so it must be set to only trigger on a rapid rise. When you get a security system in Guild ford a security professional will use a combination of these devices to properly secure your home or business.

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