Myths, Misconceptions, and Stereotypes about ADHD in Columbus, MS

Even though attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects more than 4 percent of adults and up to 9.5 percent of children, there are still so many misconceptions about this disorder. Finding a health care provider to guide your family through the struggle that often is ADHD in Columbus, MS will take a huge weight off of your shoulders and possibly help set a positive daily rhythm. This list of common myths is a good place to start.

It is Made Up- Since 1980, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been recognized as a medical diagnosis. It is a very real thing. Studies have actually shown kids affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder show gene variations that are not present in children without.

Caused by Bad Parenting- This is a neurological condition that is often inherited. Parenting in general is a challenging part of life and can be more so with attention issues. It is in no way caused by a particular style of parenting.

Sugar causes Hyperactivity- Studies have debunked this. At least 3 percent of children do, however, have food additive sensitivities.

Girls rarely have ADHD- It is believed that there are as many girls as males with ADHD, just that they are less frequently diagnosed. Girls are more likely to struggle with panic and anxiety, as well as substance abuse as compared to females without ADHD.

Children Outgrow ADHD- Though many experts agree this number is low, at least 50 percent of children exhibiting symptoms will continue to do so into adulthood.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is over diagnosed- It is safe to say that as our dependency on electronic stimulation and technology driven world barrels forward at full speeds, many people have become a little less patient, easily distracted and more forgetful. The difference is how often it is actually happening and how easily we bounce back from it.

By knowing the facts, understanding you are not alone, and realizing that help is available, you will be able to recognize ADHD is indeed a very real diagnosis. Finding a family doctor that is committed to providing an exceptional level of care and consideration will be easy with the Children’s Health Center of Columbus Inc.

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