Need to Post Bail? Call a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County

When a person is arrested, it’s not only a stressful situation for them. Their close friends and family also feel stressed and at a loss to help. Once a judge has agreed to set bail they can call a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County to help them post bond. This will enable them to return to their family and job. It will also be easier for them to help their attorney prepare their defence. Bail is a promise to appear in court and to agree to any conditions that the judge imposes. These can include not having any contact with the victim or not taking illegal drugs. If the defendant does not comply with these conditions bail can be revoked.

When a defendant contacts the Free at Last Bail Bond company, they can complete the bond application online. It is necessary for them to speak with a bail bond agent first. The company realizes that many of their clients don’t have large incomes and it may be difficult for them to make the necessary payments. They accept a variety of payment forms and collateral. Once the payment method is established, the defendant can move on to filling out the bail application. They have to be careful to fill it out fully and truthfully. Giving false information on a bail application or leaving out information is a felony. It can also result in the judge cancelling their bail. This is because the bail application requires information to find the defendant if they fail to appear in court.


After the defendant is out on bail, they can expect their Bail Bondsman in Clayton County to stay in touch with them. It’s common for a bail bondsman to call a defendant the day before their court date to make sure they will appear. If the defendant needs transportation to get there, they might even pick them up and drive them. The defendant shouldn’t be surprised if they turn around during their court appearance and see their bail bondsman. A bail bond company is financially liable, if the defendant fails to show up in court. They want as much notice as possible if this happens. They will then use the bail application information to locate them quickly and return them to the jail.


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