Personal Injury Attorneys Brockton: Protecting Your Family From Lead

Lead is the name of a highly toxic metal. There was a period of time where this metal was used to manufacture a lot of different products in and around a person’s home. While there are a whole plethora of sources of lead, one of the most common and concerning sources is lead based paint, which is usually found in older homes. In 1978, the United States government banned using lead paint in residential structures. There were even some states that banned its use earlier than that.

The Dangers of Lead

Knowing what lead is and what it can do is especially important if you are the parent of a young child. This toxic metal can enter the human body when someone puts their hand on an object made out of it and then on and/or over their mouth. Lead can also enter the body if someone were to eat paint chips or chew on an object made out of it.

The reason why young children are so much more susceptible to lead poisoning is because they are more prone to putting their hands, feet, and other objects into their mouth. Due to the fact that their body is growing at an alarming rate, they are going to absorb more of the lead.

Protecting Your Family

If you or someone you love has been exposed to lead, you should start by seeking medical attention. It would also be a good idea to consult with one of the personal injury attorneys in Brockton to learn what your options are. When you reach out to a law firm such as The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC they are going to want to know more about the actual exposure.

If your child was exposed to lead as the result of a toy they were playing with, personal injury attorneys Brockton could help you file a personal injury claim against the company that made the toy. Product liability laws would make the company financially responsible for your child getting sick because of their toy. What will usually happen is the company will pay for your child’s medical care as well as paying money for emotional damages and any financial losses such as wages.

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