North Carolina Homeowners: Look Into Solar Panel Installation Now

Solar panels are readily available to homeowners across the country who want to save money on their energy bill every month. While there is an upfront cost to solar panel installation in North Carolina, within a few years, it will pay for itself in terms of monthly savings.

Home solar systems come in two basic types: grid-tied and off-grid. There are sometimes local, state, and federal programs that help finance the cost of a grid-tied system. This this type of home solar system feeds the energy back to the local power grid. Your power company may also pay you to install solar and will pay you for the electricity. This is done by reducing or even eliminating your monthly bill.

However, a grid-tied solar system will not keep your home up and running in case of a power outage. The next time a hurricane roars through North Carolina, you will be as much in the dark as your neighbors. To avoid this, you need an off-grid solar system.

When many people think of home solar, what they imagine is an off-grid system. There are rarely tax credits or rebates for off-grid solar systems, and they are more expensive to install. However, this is the system you will need to survive a prolonged power outage. Off-grid systems include batteries and power inverters, which significantly increase the cost. However, if self-sufficiency is your goal, spend the extra money for an off-grid solar system.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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