Ceramic IR Tint Keeps Your Car Protected

Sunlight can pose a few different problems as a vehicle owner. When you are driving, it can make the car substantially hotter thanks to the UV rays. That is not even mentioning the damage that it can cause to the exterior of your car.

But with a ceramic IR tint, you can make those issues a thing of the past. A 3M automotive window film in ceramic can reduce the amount of harsh light that enters your vehicle, improving visibility, while also reducing the amount of ambient heat as well. All while protecting your vehicle’s paint should you go with a standard film.

Longer Lasting

The great thing about 3M ceramic IR tint is that it can last a long time. That means less having to change them out or spend money on new films. They are designed to be used on glass, PPF, paint, wheels, vinyl, and even plastic trim.

When they are applied properly, they can last as long as five years. All while decreasing surface friction, leading to more effective water shedding and beading. All of which works to protect your vehicle over its lifetime.

Easier to Care for

The hallmark of a truly great protective film is that it goes on easily and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance to care for. You can feel confident that the film will do its job, allowing for easier removal of debris and dirt. Your car will never be protected quite like this.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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