Options For Commercial Refrigeration

If you own a restaurant or grocery store, your business will require commercial refrigeration. While there are many types of available, you’ll want to choose only the best and most reliable refrigeration systems. If your cooler or freezer quits running, you can lose a lot of inventory and business. It’s also important to have professional installation, so that your system is connected and working correctly.

There are many different types of refrigeration system components to choose from and you can build your own to suit the needs of your business. Types of panels include galvanized metal, stainless steel and galvalume, which is aluminum and metal combined. For flooring options, you can choose between stainless steel, galvanized metal and diamond plated aluminum. If you’re going to be using a forklift inside the cooler, then an insulated concrete floor is recommended.

Depending on what you’re using your refrigeration system for will determine the type of door you’ll want for your cooler. If you’re opening a supermarket or a convenience store, you’ll want to have glass doors so your customers can view the products for sale. If there isn’t a lot of open space in front of your cooler, a sectional overhead door can solve that problem for you. Other choices for space limitations include sliding horizontal doors and bi-parting sliding doors for faster opening and closing. Both of these types of doors are available as manual and electric models. If you don’t have any special circumstances, the standard cooler door is always a good choice.

When you purchase your commercial refrigeration systems you can add special features such as alarm systems, thermometers and light fixtures. Many business owners also install strip curtains because of the many benefits they provide. Strip curtains keep cold air from escaping outside, which keeps perishables fresher longer, saves money on electric usage and keeps the compressor from having to run as frequently or as long.

When you’re ready to order your commercial refrigeration system, call the experts at Turn Key Systems. They have many years of experience and a professional can help you build the perfect system for your business model.

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