Own a Junk Car? Call an Auto Recycling Business in Ft. Collins for Cash

Gasoline prices are rising and car repairs are getting more expensive. Many families have decided that they just can’t afford an extra car. It might be an older car that’s in terrible condition. Paying money to have it repaired no longer makes any sense. They cancel the insurance and just leave it sitting in the driveway. As it deteriorates, they may get complaints from neighbors. They would like to take it to the scrap yard and get cash for it. However, it doesn’t start any more, it’s not registered, and they can’t find the title. They can turn to a Auto Recycling business in Ft. Collins for help.

This type of business is often available 24 hours a day to come out and tow a car away and many don’t require a title. People often have to work long hours and can’t make phone calls from work. There are auto recycling companies that will take a phone call any time. Their drivers will arrive within one hour after they receive the call. So, a tired car owner doesn’t have to sit up all night waiting for the tow truck to arrive. The best part is that the driver arrives with the cash for the car. For car owners who don’t speak English, their transaction can often be handled in Spanish.

The high price of scrap metal makes this possible. A+ Auto Recycling in Ft. Collins operation can afford free towing and title recovery services, because it makes economic sense for them. Scrap-metal yards are competing for every ounce of aluminum, steel and copper they can find. The homeowner gets more space in their garage. The neighbors don’t have to look at a broken down car out their window. The car owner gets cash that they can use for gas money or for bus fare. The environment is better off because the scrap metal can be reused for other products.

Turning in a junk car for cash is a good alternative to getting a payday loan. People who need cash have already learned that they can get good money for gold or silver jewelry and home accents. This is just one more way to convert metal to cash.

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