Pet Emergency? Call the Animal Hospital in Wailea

When you have a pet emergency, it’s good to know a veterinarian nearby is available to help your beloved animal.

The Animal Hospital Wailea residents recommend most often falls in love with each pet brought in for treatment and the entire staff does their best to make sure he gets the finest treatment available. Besides treatment, they also offer to board your pet if you are going away for a few days. If you haven’t been away for awhile, you now have the opportunity to get away without worrying. Special care such as exercise and prescriptions will also be given to your pet if needed.Does your pet have a toothache? Before it begins losing teeth, you need to brush your pet’s teeth and feed the proper diet recommended by the Animal Hospital Wailea veterinarian, just like a dentist advises humans. Your pet needs proper cleaning of the teeth, along with tartar removal. You can have your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums checked with highly technical modern equipment such as the new lm3 fiber optic equipment available at the clinic.

Suppose your pet has an illness other animals can catch, and the Animal Hospital Wailea doctor can’t allow him to leave. While he stays at the clinic you don’t have to be concerned. He will get the exercise he needs in dog runs and the 1/2 acre exercise area. Likewise for cats, as they are allowed to exercise and roam about in their own area where they can enjoy freedom while they are getting well, and the staff can watch over them. If your pet needs an anesthesia for a surgery, great care is taken during surgery to administer the correct amount of anesthesia to be used. The doctor knows that each operation carries with it a potential for risk and with it, a certain cost, and so as the patient’s parent, you can make the important choices needed for your animal.

When your pet is back home running around and is his old self again, you will need some articles to keep at home. Items such as hair ball remedies, various name brand vitamin and mineral supplements to keep him at peak performance and in optimum health and wellness. You can purchase all these remedies from the Animal Hospital Wailea pet owners love and trust the most.


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