Pets and Rental Properties

Most landlords simply do not want to deal with pets because they have been burnt in the past with tenants who will not properly care for their pets. However, they actually lose out on great tenants when they stipulate the dreaded words “no pets allowed.” Single people, the elderly, couples, and families with children all want pets of some kind in most cases. Pets serve not only as companions, but they are considered part of the family in some cases. Good tenants find it difficult to locate high quality housing when they have pets because very few landlords will even listen to their request. As competition has increased over the last several years to reel in great tenants, landlords are reconsidering their ban on pets.

Consider Pets with Boundaries

A pet owner who has had their pet for a long period of time will hunt until they are blue in the face for a place that will allow their pet. They will not give the pet up just to move to a new location. Some options landlords could consider may include allowing small pets under a certain weight or only specific types of pets. Small dogs and cats do not pose much of a risk, but snakes, tarantulas, and other strange pets could cause serious harm to other people in the vicinity if they ever got loose. Limiting what is allowed will open the door to many quality tenants who do not want to give up their furry friends for a move.

Pet Deposits and Property Management Companies

Pets can cause damage without even meaning to. Landlords do not have to disallow pets just because they are afraid of damage. The way to alleviate this fear is to charge a non-refundable pet deposit. Most tenants are more than happy to pay a pet deposit if they find a nice home that will allow them to have their pets. These deposits are several hundred dollars in most cases, so property owners will be fully covered in the event the pet should cause damage to the premises. Most landlords find the deposit more than covers any damages that occur. The main key to successfully allowing pets in rental properties is to find a property manager in Orlando who will want to take on the responsibility of routinely inspecting rental units that have pets. Some companies will not manage properties with pets, but others will have no problem at all.

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