Photo Booths Offer Memorable Wedding Favor

Many weddings offer some type of small take-away gift to guests. Perhaps a memento matchbook or cocktail napkin with the name of the bride and groom and their wedding date, sure to get lost in a junk drawer. Or maybe some mints or candies that won’t last the day.

Photos Last Longer

Why not make the day stand out in their memory, too, with keepsake photos? Photo booths for wedding guests are a great way to thank them for sharing your special day. A booth attendant is included in the rental cost, so they’re also hassle-free for event planners who have other things to worry about.

Did we mention that they’re fun? You may find that your photo booth is one of the highlights of your wedding. With no walls, guests can crowd in for a group photo and each one of them can have a print (personalized, of course, with your names and wedding date).

Take a Photo, Leave a Message

Photo booths for wedding guests offer a variety of features. Guests can print photos to take with them, while leaving behind a video message for the happy couple. Or they can make a digital scrapbook page for a DVD. You may even want to print a page or two and put them into a real scrapbook.

Thin Booths Fit Anywhere

Tight on space? With a streamlined modern model, the booth/kiosk can be set up virtually anywhere, including on stairs and inside elevators. Is there a theme to your event? We can supply the props and personalize the photos. Guests can also choose to print a single 4 x 7 photo instead of the three-frame strip.

It takes just seven seconds to print a photo, so there’s no need for a long line at the booth, and guests can leave with photos in hand. With photo booths for wedding favors, your guests will have a memento that they’ll treasure forever. And so will you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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