Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Chain-Link Fencing in Blacksburg, VA

When it comes time to put a fence around your property, there are many options available. Choosing between them requires understanding the pros and cons of each of the various options. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of Chain-Link Fencing in Blacksburg VA will help you decide if this is the right type of fence for your home.

One of the More Inexpensive Options

Chain-link fencing tends to be one of the more affordable types of fencing, making it particularly advantageous if you’re planning to enclose a large area with the fence. The cost of fencing can really add up. Because a homeowner can install this type of fencing themselves, it’s possible to save on both the cost of the fencing materials and the cost of installation.

Not the Most Attractive Option

On the disadvantages side is the overall appearance of this type of fencing. Many people don’t find Chain-Link Fencing in Blacksburg VA to be very attractive. However, manufacturers are now offering chain-link fencing in a variety of colors instead of just the typical silver.

Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance

Chain link fencing is galvanized or coated in vinyl, so it won’t rust and will last longer. It also requires almost no maintenance.

Doesn’t Increase Privacy or Security

Because this type of fencing is typically only about four or five feet tall, it’s easy for people to climb over the fencing, which limits the amount of security provided. The fence also doesn’t increase privacy because it isn’t a solid fence and people can see right through it.

Good for Containing Small Children or Pets

One of the main uses of installing a chain link fence is to help keep small children or pets contained while they’re playing outside. This helps keep them safe, as they can’t wander off or run into the road and get hurt.

Doesn’t Greatly Increase Home Value

Some types of fencing look beautiful and increase the value of the home, but chain link fencing isn’t one of these types of fencing. For this purpose, you may be better off choosing a vinyl fence, which is also relatively inexpensive but doesn’t have quite the “budget” stigma of chain link fencing.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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