Product Liability and Dram Claims: Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Pennsylvania to Get Help After a Crisis

When a life is drastically changed after the event of a personal injury, putting the pieces back together can be extremely hard without indemnification for the damages done. A lawyer should handle the legal matters when personal injuries were caused by the reckless actions of another. Claimants in a personal injury lawsuit should hire a personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania to get help after crisis. Even when the reason for the injury is clearly obvious, a defence team is likely to make it difficult to attain what is rightfully owed in damages.

There are times when a second entity is responsible for an impaired driver getting on the road. A situation like this is legally known as a Dram Shop Claim. This is when employees of a business facility that sells or serves alcohol ignored the fact that a heavily intoxicated person is attempting to consume more alcohol. Their decision to contribute to the worsening condition of the individual is ground for liability. A Dram Shop Claim can be pursued against the business that sold the alcohol to the evidently drunk patron. Bars, liquor stores, and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages are susceptible to this law.

People injured under Dram Shop liability should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Pennsylvania to get help after a crisis like this. Aside from selling when a person is intensely intoxicated, establishments are liable if the person was under-age, if they served with no license, or served after hours. If the establishment is culpable in any of those ways, they are considered partly responsible. Contact Brandon A. Swartz & Associates for more information.

Another type of litigation claim that can be tricky to the system is product liability. This occurs when a person is harmed in some way from a defective product. The primary manufacturer and any other party that took part in producing the merchandise can be held liable. The lawyer’s job in handling complicated cases like this is obtaining the information needed to prove the product is defective. It could be the design, manufacturing, or marketing information that prove the product is faulty. The defects might not be obvious through manual examination or a few tests. Specifications for how the product was designed and manufactured may be the only way to prove it. Omission of important instructions for proper consumer use can result in injury, which is valid cause for product liability as well.

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