Professional Homes Builders In Fort Wayne Construct Accessible Designs for Disabled Clients

When someone in the family becomes disabled and will need to use a wheelchair, decisions must be made about the house. Should the homeowners hire a contractor to do extensive remodeling of the house to make it more accessible? Or would it make more sense to have a brand new house constructed? If they can afford it, hiring Professional Homes Builders In Fort Wayne to construct a new, accessible residence is an ideal option.

Problem Characteristics of Old Houses

This is especially the case if the current home is quite old, with all the disadvantages some of those vintage structures have. Narrow doorways, many with doors on hinges, are a common feature. The home may have two stories with a narrow stairway that makes a chairlift impossible to install. The laundry appliances may be in the basement.

Accessibility Features

Professional Homes Builders In Fort Wayne can construct a house with oversized interior doors and a concrete, permanent ramp to at least one of the exterior doors. In the kitchen, a space under a countertop with no cabinetry allows the person to roll up and help with meal preparation.

A roll-in shower can be installed along with grab bars wherever they would be advisable. If the person can maneuver to a sitting position in the shower, a bench can be included. Some disabled individuals like to take baths, in which case a separate bathtub with a door can be added.

Some people who use a wheelchair are able to walk for a short distance. They will appreciate having textured floors in the house that prevent slipping. Carpet may be suitable in some rooms as long as it doesn’t interfere with easily rolling across. Textured tile is a possible option for the kitchen and bathrooms.

No Sacrificing of Beauty

Visitors to the home once it’s complete may be astounded at how beautiful the place is and how subtle the accessibility features are. There’s no need for there to be any features that bring to mind a nursing care facility. Instead, the house as designed and built by a contractor like Lancia Homes will impress everyone who enters. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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