Professional Opossum Removal in Columbus OH is the Only Safe Route You Can Take

One of the most pesky and problem some creatures around that you may not be aware of is opossum. And if in fact you do have one in and around your house you definitely need to hire opossum removal in Columbus OH to get rid of the problem for you.

Opossum are generally about 2 feet long with extremely sharp teeth and sharp claws. While opossum are not known to be aggressive creatures, as their main defense system, which is involuntary, is to induce a coma effectively playing “dead” for up to four hours. However they are very much wild animals and will absolutely attack if they feel threatened, and even more so if cornered. For these reasons its important if you have a problem you use an opossum removal in Columbus OH.

Possum are mammals and have live births, and when an opossum gives birth a typical litter will have 10 offspring. Needless to say, one pregnant opossum will definitely create an instant infestation! They are much like raccoons in that they are opportunistic when it comes to eating and nesting. They typically enter a home, or dog house, or crawl space, or attic through an existing opening that if needed they will make bigger in order to fit. They highly prefer to be indoors during the day out of the sun as they are nocturnal creatures. They are ravenous eaters and will happily eat any pet foods left outside, as well as any garbage left outside. So removing the food sources are your first course of action. However, do not attempt to remove the animals yourself, nor should you send a family pet after them. While your dog will likely overtake the opossum, the deadly claws and teeth will hurt your animal, what’s more is these creatures carry at minimum fleas, and most often parasites. Not only are the parasites transmitted by the animal into the living quarters, but through the feces.

Most professional opossum removal in Columbus OH use live traps to trap the animals and then relocate the animals. Relocation is the only way to get rid of an opossum; they will not leave on their own. These creatures will wreak havoc on your interiors if they are nesting in your home. Once you have a professional opossum removal in Columbus OH be sure to close up the access point, or any future possible access point on your property.

We remove everything from said opossums to regular squirrels, bats, mice, rats, skunks, armadillos, snakes, birds and raccoons. All of these animals carry disease that is threatening to not only your pets but your family as well. The Wildlife Control Company, Inc.serves the entire Columbus OH area and will be out to you right away if you have a critter issue.

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