Proper Maintenance and Septic Cleaning in Fort Myers, Florida

When owning a septic system, there are many steps that must be taken to prevent back up and other issues. Keeping your system working properly will maintain proper removal of waste from your home. It will also clean and break down the materials. This will let the clean water return to the environment without issue. Small steps to minimize the build up in the system can prevent many common septic issues. Regular septic cleaning in Fort Myers, Florida is necessary to keep the system functioning properly.

Your septic system allows for all waste to be removed from your home. Every drainage pipe of your home can be connected to this system. To keep it flowing properly, it is important to keep the amount of waste going in to be under the amount your system can handle at a time. This can be done by taking steps for water conservation. Limiting excessive amounts of water that will be sent to the system can help prevent filling issues. Another step to take is to limit the solid waste to only human waste. This can be done by disconnecting your garbage disposal from the system. This will prevent excessive amounts of solid waste that can build up in the tank.

Pretreating your system can be very beneficial, as well. There are products that contain live bacteria specific to the needs of a septic system. These bacteria will break down much of the solid waste. This can help minimize your need for pumping. Other things to keep in mind are maintaining the area your system is in. Parking vehicles and other heavy items could compact the soil of your system. This can limit the natural process needed to clean the water. It is also important to keep plants with strong root systems away from your septic area. They can grow the area and cause damage to the functionality of your septic system.

It is also necessary to have your system cleaned regularly. The time frame needed to do this can vary depending on your system size and your output amount. Usually, three to five years is sufficient. Septic cleaning in Fort Myers, Florida will remove much of the solid build up in your tank. Both sides of the tank and filters must be cleaned at this time. This will ensure a long life and proper functioning of your septic system.



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