Protecting Your Rights As The Injured Party

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident there is often a great flurry of activity surrounding the victim. Unfortunately it is at this time when there are a number of important decisions to be made and in many cases there is little time allowed to make the right ones. The injured party will of course focus on medical care and recuperation and as a result will have little time or inclination to deal with the issues he or she assumes will be taken care of by the at-fault parties insurance. Until you are faced with having to deal with an insurance company you may not know how difficult it is to get compensation. The insurance company does not get rich by giving away what they see as unnecessary compensation, they do everything they can to keep it to a minimum. It is at this time that the injured party must decide if they are going to hire a car accident attorney in Pennsylvania to ensure their rights.

To make this important decision it may be helpful for the victim to know what a seasoned attorney can do.

Immediately following the accident:

The most important period of time is immediately after the accident or very close to it. Evidence has a tendency to quickly deteriorate, it is the attorneys desire to gather as much physical evidence as possible including photos and measurements taken at the scene and eye witness accounts. During the initial meeting of the attorney and the victim an attempt will be mad to determine if:

* the victim bears any responsibility for the accident

* the claim goes to court, will it prosper?

* The injuries from the accident have potential long term impact

Once the auto accident attorney in Pennsylvania has a better understanding of the situation, he or she can decide if pursuing a claim is in the best interest of the victim and if it appears to be, what settlement will be reasonable to expect. Once this has been decided the attorney can file a claim on behalf of the new client.

Once the claim is filed:

The primary reason for hiring an attorney is to have their knowledge of the law and the system working for you. Claims must be filed in a timely manner, the attorney knows the deadlines and the filing procedure. The claimant can continue to recuperate while the attorney is logging the claim with the court. Without an attorney the opportunity to sue can be missed simply because the statute of limitations expired.

Performance in court:

In many cases, the case will be settled out of court. An agreement will be made between the auto accident attorney in Pennsylvania who is representing your interests and the insurance company. If the insurance company is reluctant to settle your attorney will not hesitate to take the case to court and press for the maximum possible award.

In the event you were involved in a car accident and you were not at fault an auto accident attorney in Pennsylvania will advocate on your behalf. To discuss your situation you are invited to call the Business Name.

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