Reasons to Choose Energy Efficient Home Windows for a Fort Worth Home

The windows of an older home may be affecting the energy bill for many homeowners. If the windows are not fit correctly or if the home has settled over time, they could be allowing warm or cold air to leak into the house and cause the heating and air conditioning units to work harder to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. When the heater or air conditioner has to work harder, it uses more energy and they cost more money to operate. To help keep costs down, homeowners can choose energy efficient replacement windows for their homes.

Replacing windows can be expensive for many homeowners, so existing windows can be made more energy efficient by adding weatherstripping, caulking, and storm windows to reduce the chance of air from escaping. However, replacing the windows is the best way to reducing energy costs in older homes and the windows can give houses an updated look. Energy efficient windows will pay for themselves by helping to reduce heating, cooling and, sometimes, lighting costs. Energy Star has established energy performance ratings for windows based on the climate where they are being installed, but window designs also play an important part in making the windows more efficient. Visit the site for more details.

Home Windows Fort Worth need to generally should face south because it is in a more heat dominated climate. During the winter months, south facing windows will absorb light and heat to help keep homes warmer. In the summer months, overhangs or other shading options can help prevent too much heat from entering the home and forcing the air conditioner to work harder at keeping the house cool. Windows that face the south should have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 6.0 or greater to maximize heat gain in the winter. For the summer, the windows should have a U-factor of .35 or less. For homeowners concerned about reducing their energy bills by selecting the right type of replacement windows, the experts atĀ Business Name can help select the type of Home Windows Fort Worth home needs. They can also help homeowners select the best window design for their houses as well.

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