Reasons to Hire a Tree Service for Storm Damage Cleanup in Dunwoody, GA

Diseased or damaged trees are more prone to falling during storms, but even a healthy tree can be taken out by severe wind and rain. When this happens, homeowners should act immediately. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons to call an emergency tree service for Storm Damage Cleanup in Dunwoody GA as soon as possible after a storm hits.

Minimize Damage

When trees fall on or near homes, they can cause a lot of damage. The professionals who work for emergency tree services know how to remove the branches or trunk of the tree while minimizing additional damage to the home. Putting off the tree removal will only lead to further structural damage, as will attempting to move the tree without the help of a professional.

Protect the Family

Homeowners should never attempt to perform their own tree work. Under normal circumstances, most wouldn’t try to take down their own trees, given how obviously dangerous this kind of task is without adequate safety gear and experience. Yet some are tempted to take matters into their own hands after a serious storm.

Trees that have lost branches or fallen only partway to the ground are even more of a liability than those left standing. Homeowners shouldn’t risk their own safety or that of their families by attempting to take down damaged trees themselves. Anyone nearby could be injured should the tree fall in an unpredictable direction.

Help with Identifying Future Problems

In an ideal world, homeowners would always hire tree services for preventative maintenance so they could avoid damage to their homes and outbuildings. Those calling for Storm Damage Cleanup in Dunwoody GA can still take advantage of some professional advice, though. They can ask their arborists which other trees they should worry about and have them taken down before the next storm hits.

The Bottom Line

There are some aspects of storm cleanup that homeowners can handle themselves, such as removing leaves from gutters or tracking down itinerant lawn furniture. Tree work, on the other hand, should always be left to a trained and licensed professional. Visit TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC online today to learn about one local company that can help.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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