Reasons To Visit Your Boystown Orthodontist

Most people only think of braces when considering a Boystown orthodontist, but the truth is that they can help with many tooth and mouth problems, for both children and adults. It is always important to listen to your dentist and do as many of their recommendations as possible, which could mean extra cleanings and orthodontic work.


The list of dental problems that can occur may seem infinite, so it is important that you heed your dentist’s advice and do what they say. However, in some cases, a dental appointment isn’t enough to screen for some of the problems that can affect children, in which case orthodontic care may be necessary.

Correct Bite Problems

A proper bite means that the upper teeth will overlap the lower teeth by only a few millimeters. However, most people have severe over or under-bite, which can cause an improper bite and other problems. In this case, braces are typically used to move the teeth slowly into the proper area so that the problem is fixed.

Break Bad Habits

While it is normal for young children to suck their thumbs, after awhile, it can cause damage to the finger and the mouth. Other bad habits can include tooth grinding, tongue thrusting and other problems that can cause even more problems later in life. It is important to stop those bad habits as soon as possible, which can be done through the use of orthodontic appliances.

Adjust Teeth

In some cases, children and adults may find that they have large gaps between their teeth or overcrowded teeth. While this doesn’t look good, it can also cause problems, such as gum disease and bad breath.

Attractive Smile

The biggest reason that people seek out the help of a Boystown orthodontist is to improve the look of their smile. You’ll be smiling all of your life, and it is important that it look beautiful and pleasant for others who view the smile. It can provide self-confidence and much more.

Correct Facial/Tooth Structure

In some cases, tooth spacing, crowding, improper bite and other problems can affect the mouth’s structure, as well as the face structure. While it may not seem noticeable to you or your child, it can be something that affects him or her for the duration of their life.

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