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Most people hardly ever think about tow trucks and wrecker companies. Everybody knows that cars break down and that accidents happen, but most drivers neglect to consider what towing company to call in case of emergencies. Clearly, trying to find a reputable wrecker on a cell phone next to the broken car is not most efficient. It is therefore recommended to choose a wrecker company ahead of an emergency. Few things should be considered in order to get the best towing service. The type of truck the company uses, their proximity to the customer, and reputation should all be taken into account. A little research before the need arises can save money and trouble later on.

There are several types of tow trucks but for the most part they fall into three categories: sling tow trucks, flat bed or rollback, and wheel lift. The sling trucks should be avoided especially by customers with nice, new cars. This type of towing is outdated, can damage the car, and is not suitable for all vehicles. With the wheel lift tow trucks the car is dragged behind the truck with front wheels up. This truck requires an experienced professional to attach the vehicle properly or it could cause transmission damage. Cars that are “all wheel drive” or AWD should never be towed by wheel lift trucks. The flat bed tow truck is the most convenient option, because it lifts the broken-down vehicle completely off the road. It is also the most expensive for a Transport Services company to own so smaller and independent businesses won’t have them.

The company’s proximity to the customer’s work and home is also important. The companies charge per mile so towing is more expensive the farther they have to drive with the vehicle. Finally, checking online reviews for the wrecker service can be very helpful. Various websites rate local service providers and allow customers to leave comments. In Texas, in Hardin and Jefferson County a well-established and trustworthy towing company is Spankys Wrecker Service. They’ve been in business for 20 years and provide towing, recovery, heavy duty, and transport services. For more details Visit Us.

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